Overview & Equipment

Proshot Concrete has both the skilled personnel and the equipment to perform the largest and most difficult jobs. The company has a well-trained, experienced organization performing Shotcrete construction and engineering for:

  • Municipalities
  • Counties
  • State Governments
  • Industries
  • Commercial Organizations
  • and Others
1. Each project begins with a complete inspection.
Preventive action or rehabilitation saves thousands of dollars; normally no indication appears on the surface until major collapse occurs.

Don't let that happen to your city! We will inspect your project and make recommendations without obligation. We provide comprehensive reports complete with video footage.
2. Skilled gun operators work with cement guns to provide shotcrete to the nozzleman.
3. Dry rigs mix shotcrete prior to application.
4. Grout rig operators mix grout to fill voids.
5. Certified nozzlemen apply shotcrete.
In this photo, nozzlemen are working on damaged bridge supports to improve strength and appearance.